Standing in a cafe in which we sat, ate, talked, laughed.

As requested, strange anon.

As requested, strange anon.


2:10am and not a soul to be with me.

I could really use some help.

Uncool, Tumblr. Uncool.

Uncool, Tumblr. Uncool.

Happy birthday mumma bear.

Sat shivering in the park, drowned in dreams and burning to be gone.

- Samuel Beckett, from Krapp’s Last Tape  (via violentwavesofemotion)

of all my demon spirits, i need you the most

Back to the 2pm daily medication and suicide watch. Hashtaglivingthedream.

One day you’ll look back on this and realize just how much I cared and just how badly you fucked up.

- Midnight thoughts (I would have done anything for you)

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The longest, most fucking painful dream I’ve had about you in a year. How am I supposed to cope with this?

I’m tired, can’t think of anything and want only to lay my face in your lap, feel your hand on my head and remain like that through all eternity.

- Franz Kafka in his letters to Milena Jesenská  (via bruisinq)

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Every poem is about you. Even the ones
about other people, they’re for your eyes
only. Everyone else who reads this is just a stranger
looking through the window at us.
It always comes back to you.
It will always come back to you.

- Clementine von Radics, It’s The Way (via larmoyante)

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